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Overcoming machismo

Social psychologists tell us that our Hispanic society is predominantly matriarcal, a society where the mother is the center of attention around whom all our activity moves. Every Hispanic man knows… download PDF to read more ( 863 KB)

Does violence have roots?

There have been too many recent incidents involving young people in violence. We fear for the safety of our children when they leave home every morning to assume the important task of getting an education… download PDF to read more ( 1 MB)

The Ten Commandments help family life

The whole family was finally home. It was a great joy for the mother to see them all together, talking to each other. Dad was saying, “Today I have realized that we spend most of our time obeying rules and law… download PDF to read more ( 1 MB)

A letter from a drug user

This letter could have been written by any drug addict. It is a compilation of experiences and testimonies I have received through time from young people who have been involved with drugs at one point or another… download PDF to read more ( )

The end to violence starts with you

Everyday newspapers and the news on TV bring images of violence in other countries and in our own cities and neighborhoods… download PDF to read more ( 2 MB)

On consumerism: don’t let things own you

In a radio commercial, a kid tells his dad that he’d rather catch a ride home with his friend’s dad, because Mr. Johnson drives a better and more luxurious car… download PDF to read more ( 1 MB)

What to do to keep your children in school

Maria is 15 years old. She is a tall and beautiful girl, with lively and intelligent eyes. Maria lives with her mother and her little 8-year-old brother, Ramon. It is early in the morning… download PDF to read more ( 1 MB)

Five threats to Hispanic marriages

I am a Mexican woman. My husband has practically left me because I found him with another woman and he doesn’t seem to love me anymore. The other woman already died, but he still doesn’t love me although… download PDF to read more ( 1 MB)