Certificate in Catholic Preaching

Responding to a strong need in the Church for the education and formation of Spanish speaking ministers, CTU has developed the first-ever Certificate in Catholic Preaching.


This program requires completion of 18 credit hours leading to the certificate. Participants can complete their course work in two years or less. Some courses require preaching either on or off site. Classes will be taught in Spanish and English.


Participants will enhance their ability to:

  • Ground their preaching in Scripture
  • Articulate their theological understanding
  • Incorporate liturgical knowledge and practice within their preaching cultural context


  • Lectionary Preaching
  • Reading the Bible in Espanglish: Latino/a Biblical Interpretation for Ministry
  • History of Latino/a Preachers Past and Present
  • The Preaching Life: Spirituality of the Preacher
  • Preaching for Feasts and Devotions
  • Sacramental Preaching: Baptisms, Weddings, Quinceañeras, and Funerals


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