Lent, a Road to Easter

Lent is a Church season when the liturgy implements many and diverse elements that lead us to live in austerity: It is a time when, by preference, the churches must be without floral arrangements; the Eucharistic songs remind us of pain and death; and the color violet reigns in celebrations drawing attention to the preparation for something; it is a time when people gather on Fridays to pray the Way of the Cross; when we abstain from eating meats and substitute for fish or vegetables; but it is also a time when we must recognize that our heart has a need.

A neewer is simple: the need to recognize ourselves as fragile in the presence of sin; the need for forgiveness; the need for reconciliation; the need to go to the brother who is farthest away and poor; the need to share our economic means; the need to dress the naked; the need to visit the sick; the need for God; the need to see the Cross; and the need to Love; therefore, it involves a time when we must experience love and the mercy of God; the love reflected in the 40 years that the people of Israel were in the desert purifying their faith until reaching the Promised Land; the love put to the test in the 40 days that Jesus was in the desert and the devil approached to tempt him.

This makes clear to us twith God need a moment of purification and repentance, a period of time when we can reflect and come to terms with ourselves and our reality; we need this moment when our human figure appears fragile before this God who comes to meet us. Lent is precisely this, a moment to tell Jesus: I need you, I wish to follow you and be able to see at the end of this Lenten path a Cross with a body having extended arms, awaiting our answer of love.

This answer of love must lead us to commit ians. It involves the love capable of making a husband love his wife, dote on her, pamper her and not disappoint her; the love that permits a wife to be able to love her husband, support and respect him; the love that leads children to respect their parents and the parents to look after the well-being of their children, at every moment; and the love which fosters the acceptance and love of the elderly by their children and to never be forgotten by their children. This is the love Christ offers us and this is the true Lent of the Lord, a path of love and towards Love. Let us always love, let us live the love of God in our families and only with the love of Christ we can live his Easter