Mary, Garden of God

The Church devotes the month of May to show their love to Mary by bringing her flowers. All of God’s creation is beautiful; but the Mother of God prefers flowers above all of it. In Virgin Mary’s apparitions flowers and their fragrances are an unequivocal sign of her heavenly presence. Flowers have a spiritual value in the eyes of God and also in the eyes of His favorite daughter, Mary of Nazareth. Every flower has a symbolic value. Mary is the most beautiful of all flowers; and, in addition, she is considered the Garden of God.

Mary is the dwelling place of God, his house, his garden, the Eden where God recreates. Mary wants to fill the house of God with flowers and invites us to be like her. When we become like her, we turn into a flower in Mary’s and God’s Garden. This month of May, Mary wishes to bring us to the Father like an exquisitely scented bouquet; this is why she wants us to imitate her virtues. To be just like Mary and a flower in her hands, it is convenient to know the symbolic value of flowers. Father Luis Gemminger wrote a short book entitled The Flowers of Mary, published on May 1858, in Ingolstadt, Germany. This book is as a good guide to cultivate ourselves as flowers in the hands of the Mother of God.

Fr. Gemminger says that the sunflower symbolizes Mary’s faith. She is called “blessed” for having believed by her own cousin Elizabeth. The sunflower is like Mary because it always turns towards the sun and Mary always turns towards Jesus. She contemplates Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem and believes that He is the Creator of the world. Mary contemplated Jesus despised and dying on the cross; but she stood fast, never doubting of his divinity. Just as the sunflower always searches for sunlight, Mary always searches for the light of God, which is found in Jesus Eucharist.

The poem of the Argentinian writer, Angélica Fuselli, entitled The Legend of the Child Virgin, tells the story of Virgin Mary strolling through the garden when she was a child. While she was playing, all flowers awaited to be chosen and taken by the beautiful hands of the child. Mary chose the shyest and humblest of all flowers in the garden, a flower that only spoke with God. Seeing the jealousy in all other flowers, Mary chose to cut the violets.

Saint Bernardino of Siena said that the Mother of Jesus is the most beautiful violet. Mary is the Queen of violets, because the violet is the symbol of humility and Mary is the humblest of all humble women. This flower describes Mary, the Servant of the Lord, for she is the flower that lies on the floor, without thorns and if you step on it, it will not hurt you. The Servants of Mary chose the violet to be the flower that represents their order.

Source: Nuestra Parroquia