We are all called to be disciples of Jesus

Pope Francis tells us that we are to be missionary disciples of the Lord Jesus; but how can this be? We are men and women of the world, with families, school, jobs, and responsibilities. We are not all priests, sisters, or brothers. We can’t all travel to faraway lands. We aren’t missionaries; or are we?

At baptism we are welcomed into the life and primary mission of the Church, which is to share the Gospel. At baptism we received the call to share in the Lord’s mission. As Christians, we are called to live in a way that reflects our faith in Christ and our love for him. We know from the gospels that the greatest lessons Jesus taught were done through his actions and the way he treated others. Today, we have to do the same; we are called to be disciples of Jesus in our daily lives.

At its very core, discipleship is about sharing the Gospel, which literally means “good news;” and our world is in such desperate need of good news both near and far. Living as disciples often means recognizing the connections between our gifts and talents, and the world’s greatest needs. Those needs can be half a world away or half a block away. Discipleship is a way of being in the world that is attentive to the needs of others in our local and global community, and aware of God’s presence in our relationships with our neighbors.

To take up Pope Francis’ renewed call to be disciples, we ourselves must first be open to God in our own lives. We encounter God a thousand times a day, if only we could open our eyes to see his presence within us and around us; but how can we open ourselves up to experience God as he walks with us each day? Pope Francis suggests the first step to seeking and finding God in all things is the act of discernment.

Christian discernment means that we take some time to reflect on how God is active in our life. Saint Ignatius suggests that we ask ourselves three questions each day: Where was God today, how did I respond, and where is God leading me tomorrow? Through such discernment, the disciple is able to see the small things of her or his life within the largest horizons—the horizons of the Kingdom of God.

Where is God? The Lord is in every person and any moment that increases those ancient virtues of faith, hope, and charity in us. God is there when you experience those transcendent values of truth, beauty, and goodness. To put it simply, God is present in everything that makes you the best version of yourself.

We live our discipleship by continuing to try and ensure that all our actions, words, and deeds are a reflection of the person God is calling us to be. Although at times we fall short of this goal, we will know that for Jesus we are a work in progress. Missions are not the work of the Church; the Church is a mission and you are on mission by your very nature. The Church and you are sent on mission anew each day.

Source: Nuestra Parroquia