Who Do They Say I Am?

Who do they say I am? What a strange question! Is it at all important to you? The question could have many answers that may not necessarily be good or bad, only opinions. Some may think that you are a nobody, a failure; and others may say that you are the best; but what about you? Do do you who you are? The answer to this question can impact your life and the lives of others.

About two thousand years ago, Jesus posed this question to his disciples: “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” Their answer was, “Some say John the Baptist, others Elijah, still others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” I’m sure Jesus was not interested in what others thought or said about him. He knew He was the beloved son of God who had come to Earth to save humanity and then return to enjoy the Glory of his Father. What he really wanted to know was if his closest friends were capable of forming their own opinions. That’s why he asked them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” With this answer Jesus realizes that his collaborators have their own strong criteria and would not be influenced by what others said.

And you, who are you? A person is someone who reasons, is aware of himself or herself and has his or her own identity. Theology says human beings are made “in the image of God” with a body and soul; in fact, a psalm says: “You have made him a little lower than God.” This is your identity. You are His beloved son or daughter with your past, present, and future. It doesn’t matter whether you come from the smallest town or the poorest family. Whether you are a business man, an executive, a workman, or a street cleaner, you have everything to succeed, because you are a son of God. Jesus had a purpose and you and I have one too. What is your purpose? To be a leader, scientist, teacher, doctor, chef? Whatever you are called to do, do it well and with excellence.

Many of us, Hispanics, come to the United States and sadly we have been labeled as dirty, drug traffickers, and have been given a false identity that does not belong to us. The worst thing about this is that we adopt this identity and follow along with what some say. We must value our true identity. It’s time to spread our wings and better ourselves, learn the language, study, make an effort to be better and change our history. Remember that what truly is important is not what others say about you, but what you say about yourself.

God believes in you, trusts you, and expects the best from you. Your identity and purpose don’t depend on what others say about you, but on who you know you are. May knowing that you are a son of God, with intelligence, reasoning, and virtues give you the strength to follow your dreams and make a difference in your life and the lives of others. May that man from Nazareth who knew who He was and his purpose, and accomplished his mission despite the good or bad things people said about him be your inspiration and example. Who do they say I am? You are what God and you say you are.

Source: Nuestra Parroquia